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Welcome to the domain. This is the domain of the Versteeg family. We use this for hosting our websites, both public and private.

All websites on this domain are hosted on separate sub domains. This makes it easier to keep everything grouped together nicely. Below is an overview of the public websites that are hosted on this domain.

Bambi's Homepage

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The personal homepage of the family member who calls himself 'Bambi' on the internet. He uses this nickname ever since his online presence, which dates back to 1995.

Disney Crossy Road Figurine Tracker

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Ever wonder how all the figurines in the Disney Crossy Road game are unlocked? Losing overview on all the figurines you have unlocked in the game? Then the Disney Crossy Road Figurine Tracker is for you. It allows you to create a personal profile and keep track of all figurines you have unlocked.

Royalty Calculator

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Are you receiving royalties from a record company? And are you struggling everytime to get these royalties distributed to the entitled persons? Look no further, because the solution is here! The Royalty Calculator is the software application that helps you in distributing the royalties amongst the entitled persons. It also automatically imports the statements from your record company and provides insightful statistics.

Please note that currently the site and software are only available in Dutch, but an English version is in the works. For more information see the site itself.